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In California, employees who suffer workplace discrimination, sexual harassment, unpaid overtime, or wrongful termination may be eligible to file a claim seeking compensation. Unfortunately, the outcome of the case may not always be as anticipated. In the event that you receive an unfavorable or unsatisfactory judgment in civil court, you may be entitled to file an appeal to get the judgment reviewed or overturned. 

If you wish to appeal an employment law decision, you need to retain a trusted California employment law attorney for detailed guidance. At the Law Offices of Charles P. Boylston today, we are committed to offering brilliant advocacy and skilled legal guidance to clients in employment law appeals-related matters. Our legal team can work diligently to understand your unique circumstances and outline an effective appeal strategy to contest the employment law judgment and help you achieve a favorable outcome. 

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Understanding Appeals  

An appeal can be described as the legal process through which a person (litigant) challenges the decisions of the lower court. It involves asking a higher court to review the decision made by a judge in a lower or trial court because of a legal error or other reasons. 

In California, either party in an employment law case – such as workplace discrimination, unpaid overtime, sexual harassment, or wrongful termination – can appeal the lower court's decision or judgment. The litigant who files an appeal is referred to as the appellant. 

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When Should I Appeal?  

In an employment law case, filing an appeal allows the higher court to review the lower court's decision and rectify the employee's challenges which are yet to be addressed. However, you may only be eligible to file an appeal after a final decision has been issued in your employment law case. Some of the common grounds to appeal an employment law judgment in California include the following: 

  • The judge in the lower court made a legal mistake. 

  • Improper exclusion of evidence or facts 

  • Obvious mistakes or plain errors during the trial 

  • There was a miscarriage of justice  

  • Failure of the judge to consider witness statements and testimonies 

  • Insufficient evidence to support the court's decision 

  • Ineffective representation or assistance of legal counsel 

  • There was an abuse of discretion by the judge 

  • Failure of the judge to follow proper court procedures. 

A knowledgeable lawyer can evaluate the lower court's proceedings, determine whether there were any legal mistakes which affected the outcome of your case and enlighten you about the employment law appeals process. 

The Appeals Process  

An appeal is initiated when the aggrieved party files a notice of appeal with the higher court. Here are the steps involved in the employment law appeals process in California: 

  • File a Notice of Appeal within 60 days from the day the trial court issued the judgment. 

  • Serve a copy of the appeal notice to the other party (appellee or respondent). 

  • Obtain the transcripts of court hearings to be filed. 

  • Outline the basis of your appeal and outline a written brief and oral argument. 

  • Prepare and file an appellate brief that outlines your facts and legal arguments for the appeal. 

  • The appellee or respondent may file a brief within 30 days, responding to the arguments. 

  • In response, the appellant may file a second brief, providing answers to any arguments raised by the appellee in their brief – within 20 days. 

  • Based on the written briefs, a panel of judges at the appellate courts will review the case and make a decision. 

Depending on the strength of your case and written briefs, here are the probable outcome of the Court of Appeals: 

  • Your case may be dismissed. 

  • Your case may be transferred. 

  • The appellate court may affirm the lower court's decision. 

  • The appellate court may reverse the decision of the trial court. 

An experienced California employment law appeal attorney can guide you through every phase of the appeals and help you navigate crucial decisions. 

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However, the fact that the lower court has issued a judgment on your workplace discrimination, sexual harassment, or wrongful termination case doesn't mean you can't challenge the decision. At the Law Offices of Charles P. Boylston, we have the expertise and diligence to guide and represent employees who feel their employment law case was wrongly or unfairly decided. 

Whether you were dissatisfied with the outcome of your employment law case or believe that the trial court made an error, our attorney will strategize an appeal on your behalf. We will fight compassionately to protect your best interests and guide you through the appeal process in pursuit of the most favorable outcome. 

Employment Law Appeal Attorneys Serving Temecula, California  

If you wish to appeal an employment law decision, contact the Law Offices of Charles P. Boylston today to schedule a simple case assessment. Our experienced legal team can offer you the personalized guidance, assistance, and advocacy you need in your employment law appeals. We're proud to serve clients in Temecula and throughout Southern California, including Orange County, San Diego County, Los Angeles County, and Riverside County.