The Law Offices of Charles P. Boylston was started in 2010 by Charles P. Boylston, who has now been practicing employment law for more than 23 years. Charles has primarily practiced employment defense work for the better part of his career. When he started our firm, it was his intention to continue providing quality, efficient, and aggressive representation to California employers while eliminating some of the gamesmanship and posturing that often times increased costs and caused more emotional harm than was necessary for everyone concerned. To better understand the practice, Charles opened his doors to employees as well as employers. By working on both types of cases, our practice has developed a perspective that serves our clients well, whether they are employers or employees.

Our firm also, very early on, offered representation in family law matters. Although the combination of employment law and family law seemed odd at first, the psychology of loss and the pain of relationships coming to a close was a common thread. Today, our firm recognizes the human element in both employment law and probate cases, and as such, our practice is directed at preserving dignity and providing solutions that permit healing, not endless fighting or bitterness. Only through an appreciation of the human side of the dispute can a firm find answers and a way forward.

Our office has grown quite a bit since it first started. We have added associate counsel, paralegals, assistants, and offices in Redlands and Temecula. Additionally, we are proud to say that one of our own, in-house law school graduates has recently joined our team as an associate.

Most of the time, our interaction with our clients does not end with the case closing. We are about relationships, after all, including our relationships with our clients. Please come and see us, learn about our practice, and take advantage of our resources. We want to be a valuable tool for your business, a trustworthy advocate for your concerns, and a practical counselor at your disposal.